ReRoute Permission

Hi There,

you ask about the new permission.
I understand your concern and therefor I like to give you a detailed explanation as there is nothing to hide.

The permission is called android.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS

and it allows a developer to get informed when a Call is made (monitor).
Google describe it as ReRouting, that would be theoretically possible, also this does not happen within MyDays.

MyDays its ONLY used to get informed if there is a call.

Since I had to do the last update
(as Google changed his AdMediation from AdWhirl to AdMob)
I had to decide to give my Users FullScreen Ads like many of competing apps
or find a better way for an AdIncome and to provide a Free App Version.

I found as a new Partner who does offer “Caller ID”.
This Service does show the User while an incoming or outgoing “Business Call” for example to IBM, BMW or a Dentist. A related Information or Advertising. Also it is helpful for an incoming call when someone like to pretend he is calling from a company, you would see immediately if it is a true or fake call.

Therefore it is also a really useful Service. Also if you dont like it, you just can disable it in the MyDays Preferences (Caller ID: ON … to OFF) and no harm is done.

I hope I could make the Permission Situation more understandable and wish
you will continue to use MyDays and be happy with it.

All the best

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