Alte VersionenOld Versions

Here you can find some older Versions of “My Days”

You may download them direct with your Android Browser or download the Version you like on your PC and save it in your SD-Card

  • ‘My Days Basic v.07
    (Signed Version tested on Android 1.1)

Should u have any Problems while Installation, let me know.

Also you could try “Apps Installer” from the Android Market to install.

2 Responses to “Alte VersionenOld Versions

  1. Bossylady80 says:

    Luv this app! No surprises–especially because we travel so much. I know to pack my “supplies”. And also let’s us know when to be EXTRA careful! :-) *One thing I did like was the coloring for all the days of the menstrual cycle like the fertile days are*….BUT AGAIN….AWESOME APP! KEEP UP THE GOOD/GREAT WORK! P.S. It’s such a beautiful thing that u created this app for ur wife and shared it with all of us. Thank you! :-)

  2. Digital Review says:


    This information really helped me, I am sharing with a few friends….

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