Language Patterns!

—: MyDays X (Android) & MyDays (iOS)

Actual Im looking for Volunteers who like to help translating

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—: MyDays Standart (Android)

Bellow are the Language Patterns for MyDays Standart on Android

Since Beta v.08 you can add your own Language Patterns.

(should you dont have it already: Download it here)

Its quit simple!

When you download the example US-English or DE-German pattern, you can just change the words between the

<string name=”pattern”>text here</string>

Keep everything as it is, also Returns. Just edit the Words and Sentences (see: above ‘text here’).  Before you transmit your Translation have a look that the words fit in the design (Color Index on the Main page and no linebreaks in the preferences).

Try that your Sentences do not come longer than the original Sentence in Letters, than usualy there should be no Problems.
You may better shortcut some Words. For example (avg. instead of average) should be your sentence to long.
Also test “every” Function before you publish your Translation. (eg. Make a fixed cycle and look in “History as List” and make automatic cycle and look in “History as List”).

Important: Save the File in: UTF-8 Coding .

When you are done. Rename the File into mydayslang_xx.xml
While you replace xx with the country or language code. (ex: German= de , English-US = us)

Thats it. Copy the File to your SD-Card and “My Days” will find this language and present it to you in the Language Preference.

You can even create Funny or secret Languages like “Klingon”. For that just give a countrycode as you like.
Just to know, when you give a countrycode like ‘de’ , than “My Days” will use that instead of the internal German language.
In <string name=translator>xxx</string> you can place your own Name.

This is the UP-TO DATE English Version:

[mydayslang_en_latest]    EN-English

Older Patterns (may not include all strings from the latest version)
Download: (right click and “save link as..”)

[mydayslang_de1]  DE-Deutsch
[mydayslang_en]    EN-English
[mydayslang_it1]    IT-Italiano
[mydayslang_es1]  ES-Espanol
[mydayslang_fr]      FR-French
[mydayslang_zhcn]  Chinese simplified
[mydayslang_zhtw]  Chinese traditional
[mydayslang_nl] Netherland (without “Help” Part)
[mydayslang_ru] Russian
[mydayslang_ua] Ukrain
[mydayslang_pl] Polish
[mydayslang_se] Swedish

[mydayslang_lt] Lietuvių-LT

[mydayslang_br] Português-BR

[mydayslang_ro] Romana-RO

Best use Wordpad or any other Editor that shows you the linebreaks (they samples are saved in UNIX Format)

Please let me know about the Language File you create, also in the comments bellow. So other Users know they dont have to translate it double and also I just can honor the first full translated Version with a Full Pro Version from “My Days”.  When there is a great translation I may implement it direct in one of the next Versions. For sure you will be credited there also.

5 Responses to “Language Patterns!”

  1. Birdie says:

    A million thanks for posintg this information.

  2. DANIELA says:

    Děkuji za super aplikací,mám všechny info po ruce..:-)

  3. pat says:

    I can help with Greek translations

  4. admin says:

    Also “RoQuen” told me to translate into Spain.
    – so just to let you know whats already in the pipeline…

  5. Ciso says:

    Thank you for your message.
    I’ll do the Italian translation for you, if you want 😉
    Bye! :)


    —-> Admin Answer:
    Thanks, sounds great! looking forward to hear from you :)
    The first and correct translated Version will get a free Pro version.

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