I am Pregnant!

More and more Woman announce in the Android Market Comments, that they came pregnant by planing their high fertile Days with “My Days”. I guess thats a nice Information to share. So if you are one of the lucky ones. Share your happiness with us in the comments.

Here a few Pics

Bailey LaFleur Marrs - Born Feb. 2nd, 2010
6 lbs, 9 oz - 19″ Long
Detroit, MI, United States

Please bellow Comments are ONLY if you CAME pregnant with MyDays.
Choose another page on here to post your comments about (i wish to come prego, ideas and suggestions … )

297 Responses to “I am Pregnant!”

  1. Tiff11 says:

    I used this app for two months on the second month I became pregnant, I am now 17 weeks (:

  2. tira says:

    I became pregnant again for a second time first ending in miscarriage.I’m 15 weeks today thanks to my days and I’m so excited!!

  3. rebecca says:

    Thank you so much, was only using this app for a month and on the second month I had found out I was pregnant. I’m now 14 weeks and enjoying it so much. Thank you so much x

  4. LolaRachel says:

    Mydays helped me pin point my pulsation date and ths morning I found out that that I’m expecting! Thank you Mydays!

  5. Kristine says:

    Hey ladies I always use this app I originally got pregnant in Januray but had a miscarriage shortly after:(..I Got a new phone and downloaded this app again I kept track of all my periods and all the days I had sex and my period was supposed to come on June 1,2012 but never did looked on my app and I was already 9 days late on the 11th day I finally took a pregnancy test and I’M PREGNANT and so excited:) I love this app

  6. Sarah says:

    Thank you to this app i finally got pregnant its a boy and his name is going to be Harry Styles Jr. For his daddy :) cant wait :)

  7. KelsDane says:

    Hey everyone!!! Been using MyDays for a while now, my fiancée and I have been trying desperately to conceive. Well, I just got off the phone with a nurse for my Ob-gyn. Have bloodwork set up to confirm pregnancy!!!! I’m thirteen days late and so excited!!!

  8. Eliaa says:

    _so idownloaded my days &a few weeks later ifound out iwas pregnant… now i’m 8weeks &3dayss . . i’m excited to be a mommy (:

  9. chloe says:

    Ive been useing this app for a year now I got pregant this Jan im 20weeks now with a baby boy due on 14/10/2012 it really works befor I found this app I was trying over a year…

  10. Desiree says:

    I used my days for two months and now almost 5 months pregnant. Justa little late commenting

  11. Kytrina says:

    I became pregnant after only 2 months of using mydays :)
    couldn’t be happier!!

  12. Keisha says:

    I also use my days period tracker and missed my period last month found out 2 weeks ago I was prego so excited iam 6 weeks& 4 days

  13. des says:

    I’ve used it for about 3 months and I found out 3 days ago I’m pregnant :) )

  14. Vikki says:

    Hello! I’ve been using MyDays Since March just found out this morning I’m pregnant:) super excited!! This app works very well;)

  15. Lori says:

    I only had this app a mont I got it shortly after my period on April 3rd used the ovulation calendar to the t and just found out tonight I pregnant. My fiancé and I have been trying since January and were goin to give up after this month. God is good

  16. Sara Akkerman says:

    Thanks to my days I know exactly when I conceived! My husband and I are very excited for baby #2:) I’m only 5 weeks so we haven’t made an announcement yet. Waiting until we see a doctor to confirm all the exciting details!

  17. Paa says:

    I love this app..got prego within a month of using my days.we are expecting our bundle of joy in july.thank you my app:-)

  18. Kimmy says:

    Yes,,this app is so cool I have had this app 4 about 5 months and it was right on everything my period came when it said it would and my ovalation was on point so now I can say I am 6 weeks preggo right now…thanks

  19. justyne says:

    When we decided we were ready to try for a baby I downloaded this app at first just to keep track of periods then noticed it shows ur ovulation dates, it only took 1 try an I was pregnant!! My baby boy is 10weeks now I will deff b using it again when im ready for another bubby

  20. TarheelAngel says:

    I’m a 41 mother of 4 and started using MyDays last October…after a few months of charting and not getting pregnant,had an exam and found out I have uterine fibroids. Had them removed and started using MyDays again in December. April was my last month,if we didn’t get pregnant was gonna seek outside help. Tonite, I went upstairs to test one last time and…I’m pregnant! This app helped me stay informed about when I was fertile and took out all of the quess work. Would recommend this app to anyone TTC.

  21. LaChara says:

    Me and my husband tried and tried using my days after getting off the depo shot in August 2011 it took about 5 months to ware off and with the help of my days me and my husband are expecting our 1st child a baby girl were due in September!!!

  22. Ms.Reese says:

    I love this app my days it work so good. I’m use it for to check the days I’m fertility and ovulation for I don’t have sex on them days to become pregnant I’m a mother of three I love babies. bt I’m not ready for another one not so soon. Thank u My Days….

  23. Liliane says:

    Amazing app thank u

  24. Crystal says:

    I downloaded this app to help monitor my periods. I wanted to see if it could also help me keep from gettin pregnant. Well here I am about a month pregnant with no help from family. My friend says it’s not his but when I added the had sex to the days we did I noticed it was 2 days before I ovulated and then 2 days after also. I never have sex while i’m fertile but I guess I stopped payin attention to the calender since I wasn’t tryin to get pregnant.

  25. kay says:

    Thanks to mydays I finally got pregnant..I downloaded the app in February and 2 months later I’m pregnant..didn’t think it would work but I helped..

  26. Leen2012 says:

    I downloaded the app a few months ago just to keep track of my flow. But now I use it to see my ovulation. I’ve had 2 previous miscarriages and I think I’m pregnant again. I am being closely monitored by doctors. Which makes this app very useful when they start asking me dates and other info :)

  27. Love says:

    Im 4wks and more happy than any body i kno this is my first and im soooo blessed thank you for this one

  28. Britt says:

    I downloaded MYDAYS app in oct and became pregnant in dec(due 9/12/12):))!!!!!very good app….would def recommend to anyone tryin to concieve

  29. Fly girl says:

    I been trying to get pregnant for about 3 years & now im having triplets thanks to my days im excitec but

  30. LaCubanaCrazy says:

    My boyfriend and I wanted a child very badly only 3 months of useing this app and I am preguant. I am so excited!

  31. rayne says:

    My boyfriend & I had tried over a yr to have a baby… Then I found the wonderful MyDays app… Only 3 months later I am prego!! MyDays helped us calculate my cycle & ovulating! Thank you for the help ;)

  32. lil momma says:

    Hey every 1 im pregnant wit my 7th child i have 3 girls 3boys i cnt believe im pregnant. Omg but what a blessin it is congrats to tracey on ur 4th hope he a healthy baby boy and samatha im 8 wks too when urs due date?

  33. Vainblain says:

    We used my days app to help us get pregnant with our second child. We started trying May and had positive pregnancy test in June. I am sitting with my newborn daughter now. I love this app!

  34. angely says:

    had been on my days for 2 months n discovered i was “late”. blood tests confirmed today that i’m gona be somebodies mum soon!!!!!! so thrilled. glad to hv found this app!!!! ;-)

  35. Ashley says:

    I have a 7 month baby and tryn to hve another one

  36. skittlez says:

    Thank u my days for helping us plan a baby I an pregnant an living happy thank u

  37. Amanda Jackson says:

    I became Pregnant by using MyDays We had tried for years no luck.Used my days and Bam got pregnant, I was shocked! Found out last May took 7Pregnancy tests and on Dec.30th, 2011 Brayden Locklan Jackson was born weighing 7lbs even and 19 1/4 inches long at 4:23pm 1day shy of 38weeks gestation. :) He’s so AMAZING!!!! :)

  38. LoRaine says:

    Just saw the positive test :-) I’m Stoked!

  39. Tara says:

    Im 5 weeks!! The mydays app is pheonominal. It was extremely accurate in predicting my fertile days. Me abd my husband are absolutely thrilled. November 11th is our due date. We cant wait!

  40. Romance says:

    i`m 3 weeks pregnant and so excited. since downloading this, my fiance and I were able to know what to do and when to do. Thanks to mydays

  41. Cierra says:

    I found out that i’am 5 weeks and 1day y-day. I can truly thank the my day app. This will be my first baby so i’am siked!!!!!

  42. val says:

    I am 4 weeks & im excited =)

  43. tracey says:

    I’m preg with my 4th lol found out y-day and yes with the help of my days ;-) lol its great can’t wait to tell the family hoping for another boy and thatl mean 2 girls an 2 boys :-)

  44. Samantha says:

    I’m 8 weeks :)

  45. Soni says:

    Today only I had see 2 lines on test kit.I hv pcos and was hopeless being married from 4.2 years.
    finally just because of mydays I conceived as I did as per there calender that too downloaded in jan and conceived in end jan or feb 1st week.

    Soo happy still needs to believe..Yes tested 4 times +++++++…

    Thanks a ton mydays

  46. Aolani says:

    I downloaded this app in December and I conceived in January…I’m 6 1/2 weeks pregnant!!! =)) GREAT app if you’re trying to conceive. Highly would recommend this app to anyone.

  47. Adri says:

    I just found out on the 27th that I am preqnant. Me & my boyfriend been tryinq for a year. I installed “My Days”, & it helped ALOT. It told me when I had hiqh fertility & when I was ovulatinq. We are ecstatic. Thanks My Days!!!

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