How to use

Just select the Day where you like to enter an Information while you press the Day of your Interest.

In the upcoming Menu you may choose/remove the action you like to set for that Day (Start Period, End Period, Took Pill, Had Sex, Note, Clear Date). Now your future periods and fertile days come calculated and displayed in the calendar.


The Page where you are right now.

Show as List
See all your entries in a listview. When you press MENU you can send this history to an email. For example to your doctor.


- User Management
Press MENU to add a new User or select an existing User. Long Press an User allow to delete him.

- Password (pro version)
Set a Password for your actual User.

- Set Cycle Length
Choose a start Cycle (15-99 Days) and choose if you like that after the first cycle all further cycles lengths come automatically calculated (approximate length from past cycles).

- Save Data
Backup your User Data (the actual User) to your SD-Card

- Load Data
Load previous saved User Data of the actual User from your SD-Card (overwrite all data). Should u copy your Data to a new Phone, just create there a User with the same Name and load the Data.

- Set Alarm Time (pro version)
The Time when all alarms come up (take pill, next period, next ovulation)

- Set Period Alarm (pro version)
Activate/Deactivate Period Alarm and choose how many days before your next period you like to come informed. Also you can choose if the Alarm come repeated (R) each day before your next period or just once x days before.

- Set Ovulation Alarm (pro version)
Activate/Deactivate Ovulation Alarm and choose how many days before your next Ovulation you like to come informed. Also you can choose if the Alarm come repeated (R) each day before your next ovulation or just once x days before. Should you be fertile when the alarm pops up you get an information about that also. If you are interested in your fertile days you should set the alarm a minimum of 6 Days before your next ovulation.

- Month Slider Touchscreen
Instead of only using the two bottoms at the top of the calendar (-month/+month) you can just slide with your finger over the touchscreen (left/right) and the month change. Take care if you have problems with a very sensitive touchscreen. But if you know how it works, you will like it.

- Color Legend visible
You can choose if the color legend is always visible at the calendar or not.

- Long Press on Date
Should you have problems with a too sensitive touchscreen, you can choose that you need to press minimum a second on each day before the action menu pops up.

- Choose Language
You can choose from implemented Languages and also create or load individual languages (like: Klingon or a secret Language). Please visit my Homepage to learn how to load/create individual Language Patterns.

I prefer:
Personally I like to have ‘Month Slider ON’ and ‘Long Press on Date OFF’. Now the Screen is quit sensitive. Should this be too sensitive for you, set ‘Month Slider OFF’ and ‘Long Press on Date ON’.

Right now you can set several actions on one Day (like period started and you took the pill) but you will only see one color.

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  1. Mary says:

    This is so useful. Thanks. Im always forgetting the dates. At least this way I wont.

  2. Alexandra says:

    It is so interesting for me to use MyDays.Thanks.

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks. So much for this app!

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