Get “My Days Pro”

“My Days X PRO”  for iOS (iPhone/iPad) :

  • All the Features from the free Version but NO ADS !

Get the Pro Version -here- in the Apple Store


For Android there are two different Versions in the Market:

(MyDays Standard with Widgets, but less Features)
(MyDays X with no Widgets, but lots of new Features)

“My Days Standard PRO” for Android :

  • All the Features from the free Version but NO ADS !

Get the Pro Version -here- in the Google Store


“My Days X PRO”  for Android :

  • All the Features from the free Version but NO ADS !

Get the Pro Version -here- in the Google Store


19 Responses to “Get “My Days Pro””

  1. Nicole says:

    I’ve been a user since 2012, and I must say it’s very accurate! I tracked my cycles before getting pregnant to try for a girl which I ended up getting! Tracked my pregnancy as well and still tracking my cycles since then, love this app!

  2. Adeline Sandy says:

    Love how I can keep up with my peropd and body change

  3. Chantell says:

    My last period was 27 of September which lasted for 5days . Am 28 cycle Well I and boyfriend had unprotected sex on 5th 7th 9th and 10th . I’m very worried 😩. Am I pregnant 🤰 Thanks

  4. angelika says:


    I’ve recently bought my days x Pro.
    How can I recover my data from my days?

    • admin says:

      UPLOAD ur data from the free version via settings/backup via mydays server
      and RESTORE with same email/backupid combination in the pro version

  5. Iroyram says:

    Excellent app!!!!

  6. Monika says:

    Hello, this app is realy great I’ve been usine it since 2013 and it’s accurate. So great !!! I’ve just bought The pro version. Thank you Christian :)

  7. garmai says:

    Thanks for the app.

  8. MsLovely says:

    Very easy to use and accurate thank you!!

  9. einn mahmud says:

    Very clear n easy to understand

  10. Ladie Bug says:

    Thank you for this app. It’s cheap to buy. It’s very simple to use. Nice GUI, light weight and it helps a lot to track my period. Sometimes it predicts very acurately. Unless I have lot of stress before my period.

  11. Karen says:

    i purchased this on another phone but i lost the phone. do i need to purchase it again? or can u find my purchase information.

    • admin says:

      just use the same downloadlink u got after paypal purchase, to download the latest pro standart version

  12. Please can you tell me how much the pro version is, in english pounds and how do i purchase this. Love the app, works great for me.

  13. Lisa says:

    Best app. Does the pro vs have the latest features with no ads?

  14. Abelha says:

    Hi Christian, many thanks for such a great app.
    But how can I get the Pro version and how much does it cost?
    I would like to use the reminder function. It’s great.

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