Get “My Days Pro”

There are two different Versions in the Market

(MyDays Standard with Widgets, but less Features)
(MyDays X with no Widgets, but lots of new Features)


“My Days Standard PRO” for Android :

  • All the Features from the free Version but NO ADS !

Get the Pro Version -here- in the Google Store


“My Days X PRO”  for Android :

  • All the Features from the free Version but NO ADS !

Get the Pro Version -here- in the Google Store



There is another (old) option to get the app, but it will NOT Update you automatically when there is an app update in the Market !

Click on the PayPal Button bellow to purchase
“MyDays Standart Pro” & “MyDays X Pro”

Before your purchase : (important)

1. This “MyDays” PRO is only working on ANDROID Mobiles (not on iPhone or Windows) !!!
2. Your Device needs to be able to activate Settings -> Applications -> “Unknown Sources”
3. After purchase you will see an confirmation page from Paypal “Thank you for your Payment”
* Scroll Down and click:  “Return to …. Store”  or “Return to .. Merchant
* There you will get the Download Link for the PRO Version
* Save that Link for later access, when you loose it, you have to purchase again.
* Should u miss to press “Return to … Store”  and/or lost the Download Link
you have to email me your purchase email and paypal transaction ID.

Feel free to contact me for your inquiries and suggestions.

5 Responses to “Get “My Days Pro””

  1. Karen says:

    i purchased this on another phone but i lost the phone. do i need to purchase it again? or can u find my purchase information.

    • admin says:

      just use the same downloadlink u got after paypal purchase, to download the latest pro standart version

  2. Please can you tell me how much the pro version is, in english pounds and how do i purchase this. Love the app, works great for me.

  3. Lisa says:

    Best app. Does the pro vs have the latest features with no ads?

  4. Abelha says:

    Hi Christian, many thanks for such a great app.
    But how can I get the Pro version and how much does it cost?
    I would like to use the reminder function. It’s great.

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