FIX SD-Card Import Problems

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some Android Devices out there in the Market do not keep in Android Specifications and cause Problems while Backup and importing Data back.

FOR ALL, very important. Always UN-MOUNT your SD-Card before you remove it from your Device (in Android Settings) otherwise you may end up with a “0” Size Backup File. After removing your SD-Card you may also check if the Backup File is bigger than 0 , that would already indicate the Backup worked.

Here I will share who Users fixed their device specific SD-Card Problem.


Device:      HTC HERO

User just had to create a Folder /sdcard on his sdcard and copy all backup files *.myd into there


Device:   GALAXY S2

Thank you! I figured it out! I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but…

There is an internal and external drive for the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. External is what the info is saved to on the little card you put in the back of your phone that came from the old phone, and the phone itself only pulls and loads info for apps and stuff from the internal memory that it has, never the external. This means that it’s trying to pull backup data from a file that doesn’t exist because it’s going to the internal memory where the file isn’t stored, instead of to the external card where it is.

So here’s what I did:

I connected my phone to the computer. I had to download Kies first in order for my XP to recognize it in the first place, and then I did the following:

  1. Opened “My Computer”
  2. Located the two new drives that appeared when the phone was connected by usb. One drive is the external card, and the other drive is the internal drive for the phone. You figure out which drive is which. I knew the external was external because it had all of my previous pictures and music and stuff on it from my old phone, and the other drive only had folders and was lacking.
  3. Then you take the .myd file from the external, copy and paste it over to the other drive, not putting it in any folder or anything.
  4. You unmount your phone from the usb connection to the computer, safely from the phone.
  5. Then you go in and load the backup.

It worked for me doing those steps, so hopefully it’ll work for someone else. Thank you for the informative links! I was just glad that I was able to help figure it out, at least on my end.

I got it to work for my HTC EVO LTE By doing the following:
1) Back up your existing file as per your instructions
2) Download and install an app called : Astro File Manager” onto the new phone.
3)  From within Astro File Manger you can locate the sd-card.  Open that sd-card.  Within the directory locate the .myd file.
4) Copy it.
5) Back out of the directory so that you are within the directory of the phone and paste it .
6) Then open up My Days.  – Go into the preferences tab and hit “Load Data From SD Card”  even though the data is not on the sd card but on the phones built in memory.


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  1. Karla says:

    how do you back up my days to an Android cell phone