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iPhone/iPad Version

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Hi there,

after long waiting I came finished with MyDays for iOS.

You can get it in the iTunes Store from Mid October.

It does offer additional Features like
- Weight Recording and Chart
- Pregnancy Mode !
- Luteal Phase Configurable
- Overwrite predicted Ovulation Day with your own Record
- Show old Predictions
- Backup by WiFI to a PC
- Mood 0-100% Recording :)
- Blood Flow Recording

- Extra Tip
click on the Month to jump to the actual Month.

Should u are an iPhone/iPad User: Have Fun!

Should u are an Android User an interested in this Version, than give me a Note.
Its bigger in Size (5MB), because its programmed in a MultiPlatform Framework, and does not offer Widgets, thats the downside for User who are used to the Android Version. Otherwise, you may just love it :)