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Backup from/to PC by Browser

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The new My Days Version for iPhone (not now available for Android)
does offer the cool Feature to upload a Backup directly to your PC (not need to save your Data in the Net) and also simply restore a Backup on your PC back again to your iOS Device.

How to:

1. Your Mobile has to be connected in the same Wifi network as your PC

2. Go into MyDays -> Preferences -> Backup

3. Connect from your PC Browser to the IP as it appears on your iPhone

4. Now you can choose to Download your actual MyDays Data
OR upload a Backup File stored on your PC.

Remember: You have to keep the BACKUP Screen on your iPhone open till your Backup/Restore is done successful.

5. You can also import Android MyDays Backups. In that case each user you saved comes added to your existing iPhone database. Simple copy the backup file from your sdcard (in the root of your sdcard “yourusename.myd”) onto your PC.

Why Ads?

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Dear MyDays User,

the Question why I had to implement Ads since version 0.95 is eligible.
You may had the free version for long time now, suddenly I present you ads.

It simply came the point where I had to decide to keep working on MyDays, to keep it free or should I stop developing many hours into it and charge for each download.

It is not just the developing part, many users write me and ask questions, ask for lost pro keys or other things around Mydays.

For that I thought the best is to keep it free and implement a small ad space at the bottom. To keep it more interesting I started to make some additional blog posts that will appear at the same space and come able to keep even better with you in touch for Questions and Suggestions.

You may not always see ads, instead I will serve you there also informations around MyDays Period and Ovulation.

I am sure you understand my point of view, (I just did this app once for my wife:), and keep your good ratings.


Report Suggestions/Problems

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Dear MyDays User,

i am very interested to serve you as good as possible.

Should u have any suggestion or a problem please feel free to send your comment bellow, rather commenting in the market, where I can’t answer.

I wish you all the best

Yours Chris

proper backup from your mydays data

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Hi there,
here a short reminder how to make a backup of your privat data.
- first export data from the original mobile by going to mydays preferences.\
- Look what user is activated. Click “Save to SD-CARD”.
- Now the activated user data comes saved to a file called “username.myd” on the sd-card root.
NOW very important otherwise also you saved your data, they may not on the sdcard:
- On your phone, tap on Settings.
- Under Settings, tap on SD card & phone storage.
- Now tap on Unmount SD card.
- When you do, this option will be grayed out because the card will be unmounted
+ Change the sd-card into your new mobile
- Create/Activate the same username as you saved before
(you cant for example import user “sara” into “Default User”)
- Than click “Load from SD-Card
You could also copy sometimes this backup file from your SD-Card to your Computer, just for the
reason your mobile may be stolen. In that case you always can copy this backup file to your
new sdcard and reimport into mydays. Otherwise you data would be lost.

Updates in MyDays 0.95

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Here a short overview about the updates in Version 0.95
  • Color Theme
    choose from some preselect colors for your background like “Blue Lagoon”, “Bloody Days”, “Lollipop” and even more impressive colors.
  • more screensizes supported
    like many users you may change your mobile to a newer one, in the past some users did not found the app again in the market. That was because Android filters Applications if they do not explicit fit for a specific screensize. Now it should work for most devices.
  • Ads, to support work for further updates.
    to create and maintain an application like MyDays costs thousand of hours. The basic version from MyDays is free and so this single ad provides a small possibility to get some income. Shouldn’t you like the ads you may always downgrade to the previous version (where are also less features), or purchase the pro version where you can disable the ads. (older versions here) . I am sure you understand I do my best to serve you.
  • save the app to the sd-card
    some users would like to save an application to the sd-card, so they can save memory on their device.
    Just remember “Android” does not support widgets when an app is saved on a sd-card. This feature does work from android firmware 1.6 and higher.
  • Infosystem for FAQ
    from now you will find random news about MyDays and the Topic “Ovulation and Pregnancy” bellow the calendar.
  • Newer devices sd-cards supported
    Some new Devices like Droid3 have a different Filesystem (thats not confirm with the official Android specs). To avoid that you can’t import your data I made some changes in here also.
  • Show act. Cycle Day in History List
    It may happen that you like to know in what day of your cycle you are. Now simply go into the ‘history list’ where you find the actual day of your cycle without counting it by hand.
  • Security Question (yes/no) when you like to clear a day
    Several Users cleared a day by accident. That may be painful should u entered a lot of notes data. To avoid that situation you will be asked if you really like to clear that day.

I wish that all that updates are for your pleasure and support.

Please keep your good ratings *****

Thanks Yours Chris

Disable Ads

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Ads are there to support the work developing on MyDays.

It does cost thousands of hours to create an application like this.

Also I know there are some User who would like no Ads at all.

Before you make a bad Comment in the Market just because of the ads, my following Advice:

  • Purchase the Pro version, its just $4.90 and you also get extra features like password and notification
  • AnyTime you can downgrade to the older Version from MyDays v0.90.
    That Version provides less features and no advertising.
    You can download/install it here: mydays09basic.apk

I appreciate should u like MyDays also with that small Ad and for sure even more should u purchase the app :)

Enjoy Mydays.

Droid3 & SD-Card

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There seems a problem with the Droid 3 Device and importing/exporting sd-card data from older devices.

Droid3 does use a different file management than the official android specifications. As I do not have a Droid3 I just can guess you  copy the backup file, usually found on the external sd-card at the root folder, named “YourUserName.myd” to the internal sdcard. Any User Experience is welcome.

Update: 21. July

start>— Lori D wrote —

Yes no problem, I am happy to assist.
On D3 there is an icon/ app called FILES. (There are three options there internal phone storage, sd card and shared folders.)
Steps I took

SD Card
Located bkup file and LONG PRESSED
Chose options COPY
Clicked back
Paste here

Hope that help you and others as well


p.s. be aware that many of us android developers already complained to motorola and hope they will fix that issue in a future firmware release.

support email

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Dear MyDays Users,

Questions technicaly and overall:

Questions about the ‘Chat” Moderation:


Backup Import Fix

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Hi, from more than 1 Million Users I got 3-4 complains that after backup the users where not able to import the data again. It was impossible for me to reproduce. Today I got a very helpful Mail from James I like to share with you.


Its 4am and I should be sleeping lol Anyway, thanks to your great advice I managed to load the user profile.

<reserve -

<reserve />

The first line was the original backup, I created a new user and saved some fake data and noticed the missing /> after ‘reserve’.  Made the change and it imported.   I dont know why the original was missing it but before I changed phones It didnt seem to have a problem with the missing tag.

What is BMT ?

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BMT also called Basal Metabolic Temperature or sometimes BBT (Basal Body Temperature).
is a study to measure your temperature each morning to see when you have your Ovulation.
Usualy in the Time of Ovulation your BMT increase around 0.4degree
Here are some more Links about BMT: