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Trick to rename Username

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Some people would like to rename the Username later.

Till now this is not possible, but you can use a trick.

example to change from “Default User” to “Mirinda”

1. Export your User Data “Default User” to your SD-Card

NOW very important otherwise also you saved your data, they may not on the sdcard:
– On your phone, tap on Settings.
– Under Settings, tap on SD card & phone storage.
– Now tap on Unmount SD card.
– When you do, this option will be grayed out because the card will be unmounted

2. Rename the File on your Sd-Card  “default_user.myd” into “mirinda.myd”


  • Prefer to use a free Filemanager from the app market to rename the file on the sdcard (like “astro”).
  • Should u prefer to put the backup file into your computer, You should UNMOUNT the SdCard before you remove it from your device, otherwise the data may not be saved from android to the card (that always happen in delay) and you would get a empty Backup file.

3. Create a User “mirinda” in the Application

4. Click Import (so now “mirinda.myd” comes imported)

Thats it :)

Individual Colors

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Yeah, now you can create your own themes :)




Future Features?

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I am already thinking about future features… you may add you ideas here.

My italian translator suggested to make a feature that shows the days between start and end period also in red.

So we could do a feature where you enter your start period (not cycle) length (eg. 5 Days) and “My Days” will

show you this Days also after the period started in red. As extra feature it would be possible to calculate the

average of the periods and also predict that in the future.

You see… there are many options… just let us know what you think!

Update: 4. June 2009: Already included in the new 0.8 Version :)

We are on NING!

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

One of my Ideas was to make a small Community with “My Days” Users around the World.

For a simple start I created a NING Account:

Would be fine you register there with a Photo and some Informations about you.

Till now its totaly Alpha (not even Beta :), because i dont have the time to work to much on it. But should u like it and maybe even you like to moderate it, let me know. Its a total Baby and nobody till now is registered there, so be on of the first users…

New Version (0.8) soon

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I am glad to announce, that the new (0.8) Version is nearly ready to release.  It will have quit a lot of new Features, like individual Colors, Basal Chart (BMT) and full size Notes. Also there will be a small chat or all “My Days” Users where you can share your Experiences, ask Questions and just have some Small Talk. To avoid Spam I will moderate the Chat and delete all stupid shouts that does not have to do within the Topic of Period, Ovulation, Pregnancy and so on.

You may try one of the latest Betas in the Beta Area.

Now with Multi Colors on one Day

Full Screen Notepad

Multi Languages (us, de, it)

Widgets. I like the “Clock”
You see the actual Day in the
middle, future Days bellow and
last Days above.

Individual Color Settings

Basal (BMT) Chart
Community Twitter
Selectable List (eg. only Notes ..)

Now over 50.000 Installations

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Today we came over the magic line of 50.000 Installations. At this Time I like to “THANK YOU” to every User who does use “My Days”. I just promise to do my best improving this Application. Whenever you have a Question or Suggestion, do not hesitate to contact me. I do this work for you and I hope we will come a nice “My Days” Community.

Multicolor, but how?

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

HI, after several Time looking for a Solution how I can add multiple Colors on a Button (day), i am near a Solution.
But now I think about the Design. For example small Rows of Colors per Day, or Dots .. or what kind of Symbols?
If you have any Idea how you would like to have MultiColor for each Day.. let me know.
Here is just an example on Day 4 (rows of colors) and Day 6 (dots of colors)

–Update: Just wait for the final Version, I guess I found a nice Solution


Does Android Market ignores “My Days”?

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Its quit interesting when you read all the last User Comments for My Days.

14 !  5 Stars in a Row right today and yesterday. (see here at Cyrket)
and even we toped the famous “P&O Tracker” (see here at

But “My Days” is still not listed in the official Android Market Homepage.
Even not in the “LifeStyle” Area where we are in the Top 10 (see
Still there are other Applications listed that we toped already.

I wrote Google already, but no Action. Maybe you like to write this Guys and together we push “My Days”
also on the Official Page.

Update: Google wrote me today 02. june 2009 they like to implement
“My Days” on their homepage … i just have to send them some pics now

“My Days” for 1.5 Beta

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Just a short Preview from the Widget Function (only Android 1.5)


Any Suggestions are welcome.

Translators needed

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Hi, momentan erstelle ich eine – mehrsprachige- version. Wenn Du mithelfen moechtest zu übersetzen waere grossartig.

Schau auf:

Es wäre gut wenn Du auf obiger Seite in den Kommentaren angibst, dass Du bereits an einer Übersetzung für die Sprache xyz arbeitest, damit andere nicht umsonst übersetzen, ebenso kann ich nicht jeden mit einer full version honorieren der mir die 2. oder 5. übersetzung z.b. thai bringt :) Doch momentan ist noch alles offen, es gibt bisher nur english und deutsch, und sogar im deutschen pattern musste die Hilfe noch übersetzt werden.

Hi, I already develop a new -multilanguage- version . If you are interested to help in translation for you language, would be great.

Look at:

Please announce in the comments of the above page that you started translating in the language xyz. I can not honor everyone who did for example the 5th thai translation or so :) But till now i have just english and german (also german would need some final sentences (the help file).