About the Coder

My Days is a Software Department from Christian Albert Mueller.Chris“My Days” is a product from Christian Albert Mueller, a Coder since 1985. His first touch with networking was 1992 when he installed a mailbox with 1.68kb/s. Since this time he writes programs and offer online services for the still growing online community and everyone who is interested in networking.

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PHP-MySQL and Android Coding.



Q: How you got the Idea for this Application?
I started to code for Android and looked for a nice Idea to support womans and especialy my wife.  So I looked around whats already in the market and whats possible. I saw some other apps in the period and ovulation category and just thought to make on in my personal style.

Q: Do you know the other App P&O Tracker
Yes for sure and I respect the work from Tom. I guess we just develop for different User – Groups, while he serves more the user who like it most simple, I always try to offer some more features. Also I am not so happy that users compare in the comments and say I like this or that app better or even say i hate the other. Tom and me just do our best and I guess thats important.

Q: Any Ideas for the Future?
A: Oh yes for sure. There are quit a lot of Ideas, its just about Time. I personaly like the Idea to bring my Users together, there will be some features soon, let me surprise you :)

Q: How accurate is “My Days”
A: I can not make any promises and I also just cook with water. I use some simple algorythm that are common in that field and hope it works fine for my User. But also I can not give any promises, everyone still have to be responsible for himself. If My Days is a tool that helps you to track your special Days and makes Life a bit easier… i am quit happy.My Days is a Software Department from Christian Albert Mueller.

3 Responses to “About the Coder”

  1. robyn says:

    Its pretty cool but the pro version is hard

  2. I am only 33 and for the last two years my periods have become extremely irregular after being totally predictable since the beginning. I also am suffering with many other health issues that are trying to be diagnosed by my doctors. The doctors of course want me to record and keep track of all of my symptoms etc., but doing so while not feeling well is sometimes difficult. Therefore somethings, such as keeping track of my periods fall by the way side. This app has been so extremely helpful by making it easier to get the important information my doctors need to get me diagnosed and on my way to getting healthy and feeling better.

  3. kate s. says:

    Thanks for writing the My Days app! It’s been a great help to me in dealing with irregular periods. I am a nurse and will be suggesting it to my clients as a way to be pro-active in staying well. I will be watching for other apps you write! Thanks again. Kate S.