Backup Instruction

Hi there,
MyDays (iOS & Android Version)
does offer to do a Backup
Without a proper Backup, you will loose all your Data while a factory reset, loosing or damaging your mobile.
Here a short reminder how to make a backup of your privat data.
– Go into the MyDays Settings, choose Backup.
   You will get an IP Adress to connect your PC Browser.
   When done, you will see a webpage (generated from  your iPhone)
–  Press BACKUP (or right mouse click “save to …”)  to save your Data to your PC/Mac
   or press RESTORE and choose the backup file from your PC :)
Thats it.
Specially keep care about the 2nd Point.
– first export data from the original mobile by going to mydays preferences.\
– Look what user is activated. Click “Save to SD-CARD”.
– Now the activated user data comes saved to a file called “username.myd” on the sd-card root.
NOW very important otherwise also you saved your data, they may not on the sdcard:
– On your phone, tap on Settings.
– Under Settings, tap on SD card & phone storage.
– Now tap on Unmount SD card.
– When you do, this option will be grayed out because the card will be unmounted
– From Experience you should remove the SDCard now from the Device and put it into your PC. There you can have a look if the BackupFile “yourusername.myd” size if greater 0 .
+ Change the sd-card into your new mobile
– Create/Activate the same username as you saved before
(you cant for example import user “sara” into “Default User”)
– Than click “Load from SD-Card”
You could also copy sometimes this backup file from your SD-Card to your Computer, just for the
reason your mobile may be stolen. In that case you always can copy this backup file to your
new sdcard and reimport into mydays. Otherwise you data would be lost.
Here I will share who Users fixed their device specific SD-Card Problem.
As some Devices are not in Android Specifications.
Device:      HTC HERO User just had to create a Folder /sdcard on his sdcard and copy all backup files *.myd into there ———————- Device:   GALAXY S2

Thank you! I figured it out! I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but…There is an internal and external drive for the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. External is what the info is saved to on the little card you put in the back of your phone that came from the old phone, and the phone itself only pulls and loads info for apps and stuff from the internal memory that it has, never the external. This means that it’s trying to pull backup data from a file that doesn’t exist because it’s going to the internal memory where the file isn’t stored, instead of to the external card where it is. So here’s what I did: I connected my phone to the computer. I had to download Kies first in order for my XP to recognize it in the first place, and then I did the following:

  1. Opened “My Computer”
  2. Located the two new drives that appeared when the phone was connected by usb. One drive is the external card, and the other drive is the internal drive for the phone. You figure out which drive is which. I knew the external was external because it had all of my previous pictures and music and stuff on it from my old phone, and the other drive only had folders and was lacking.
  3. Then you take the .myd file from the external, copy and paste it over to the other drive, not putting it in any folder or anything.
  4. You unmount your phone from the usb connection to the computer, safely from the phone.
  5. Then you go in and load the backup.

It worked for me doing those steps, so hopefully it’ll work for someone else. Thank you for the informative links! I was just glad that I was able to help figure it out, at least on my end.

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Hope that helps
all the best

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