iPhone/iPad Version

Hi there,

after long waiting I came finished with MyDays for iOS.

You can get it in the iTunes Store from Mid October.

It does offer additional Features like
– Weight Recording and Chart
– Pregnancy Mode !
– Luteal Phase Configurable
– Overwrite predicted Ovulation Day with your own Record
– Show old Predictions
– Backup by WiFI to a PC
– Mood 0-100% Recording :)
– Blood Flow Recording

– Extra Tip
click on the Month to jump to the actual Month.

Should u are an iPhone/iPad User: Have Fun!

Should u are an Android User an interested in this Version, than give me a Note.
Its bigger in Size (5MB), because its programmed in a MultiPlatform Framework, and does not offer Widgets, thats the downside for User who are used to the Android Version. Otherwise, you may just love it :)

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  1. Chi says:

    Hi, I have been using the android version of it but recently changed to an iphonex, is it possible to transfer the data that i have backed up from android to the iphone version?

    • admin says:

      i tried to answer to your email, it seems wrong.

      Hi there,

      MyDays X does offer you a Backup Feature via the MyDays Server.
      Without a proper Backup, you will loose all your Data while a factory reset, loosing or damaging your mobile.

      To backup your data and also send it to another device or new app:

      SAVE your Data.
      1. Goto MyDays X “Settings/Backup via MyDays Server”
      2. Enter your eMail and a random BackupId (remember this BackupId for later Restore)
      3. Click UPLOAD ! (You will get a warning if there is former Backup on the server with same Backupid)

      RESTORE your Data.
      1. Goto MyDays X “Settings/Backup via MyDays Server”
      2. Enter ur eMail and the same BackupId you used before to save your Data.
      3. Click “RESTORE” (do not click -upload- as this would overwrite your data on the Server)

      Thats it!

      Here some additional Advice
      to feel safe your Data will never be lost.

      Sometimes we all make mistakes and forget to backup, delete/overwrite our Backups with wrong Data or even a technical issue happens.
      So I its also a great Idea to have a Backup via eMail thats in your private eMail Account.

      To cover all that. here some Tips:

      A. Set ‘AUTO-BACKUP” every 5 Days (in Settings/Backup via MyDays Server at the Bottom, do not set SYNC if you don’t need)
      B. Do sometimes a manual Backup with a different BackupId
      C. Do sometimes a manual Backup via “Settings/Other Data Backup Options/Backup via eMail”. This eMail Backup cam be restored via “Settings/Other Data Backup Options/Backup via Wifi”

      About Syncing Data with another Device or your Partner.
      You find this Feature in
      “Settings/Backup via MyDays Server at the bottom within the Auto Backup Feature”

      Is a nice thing to share data with your Partner on another Device.
      Also Syncing can be a tricky process.
      Therefor better do also a backup from your data before that process with a different backupid so you have a backup that can not be overwritten by accident. Depending on a good and stable Internet Connection there is no guarantee that Sync always works as it should.

      How Sync does work:
      When you close the App the App will check if the Data from your Devices is already on the MyDays Server. If not, it will upload it.
      When you open the App it checks if there is a different Version on the Server and download it if its newer.

      How to recover a BackupID you used before.
      Should u ever made a Backup via MyDays Server and forgot your BackupID

      1. Goto “settings/backup via mydays server”
      2. Enter your email and click the [?eMail] Symbol beside the eMail Field.
      Now all the BackupIds associated with your eMail will be sent to your email.

      I really care about that you feel sound and safe.

      Hope that helps

      all the best

  2. tina hay says:

    I have switched from android to iphone…do i have to repurchase the app?

    • admin says:

      its two different apps and even app stores. yes, you have to purchase for Android and Apple differently

  3. Justin&Laura says:

    We love this app… have been keeping tracking of everything for the past year and a half. Very interested in getting the iOS version with pregnancy mode. Assuming that it halts the calculation for average cycle days and probably displays important dates like trimester and expected due date. Would love to get this for Android regardless of size.

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