iPhone/iPad Version

Hi there,

after long waiting I came finished with MyDays for iOS.

You can get it in the iTunes Store from Mid October.

It does offer additional Features like
– Weight Recording and Chart
– Pregnancy Mode !
– Luteal Phase Configurable
– Overwrite predicted Ovulation Day with your own Record
– Show old Predictions
– Backup by WiFI to a PC
– Mood 0-100% Recording :)
– Blood Flow Recording

– Extra Tip
click on the Month to jump to the actual Month.

Should u are an iPhone/iPad User: Have Fun!

Should u are an Android User an interested in this Version, than give me a Note.
Its bigger in Size (5MB), because its programmed in a MultiPlatform Framework, and does not offer Widgets, thats the downside for User who are used to the Android Version. Otherwise, you may just love it :)

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  1. Justin&Laura says:

    We love this app… have been keeping tracking of everything for the past year and a half. Very interested in getting the iOS version with pregnancy mode. Assuming that it halts the calculation for average cycle days and probably displays important dates like trimester and expected due date. Would love to get this for Android regardless of size.

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