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MyDays – Period & Ovulation Tracker

The easiest calendar for every woman who would like to come pregnant or avoid pregnancy.
* Remember: The calculation is only based on mathematical calculation, usage on your own risk.

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  1. Sarah says:

    My husband & I had a slip-up (1st time in 12 yrs that a condom broke), & it happened on the second light yellow day, indicating high fertility. I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but I guess I’m hoping to hear differently- how likely is it that I’m pregnant? I apologize profusely to anyone experiencing fertility issues for acting as though pregnancy is not a gift; I’m most certain that it is. However, we are struggling financially to the point of not being able to provide for our two daughters the way we’d prefer, & if I can expect that, chances are, I’m to be expecting, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to prepare as soon as possible, bc we’d need to find an apartment more suitable to a growing family. I also apologize for possibly coming across as a dumb, naive woman; my head is just spinning about our slip-up, & I figured this may be a good place to go for advice. Thanks for any input & again, in no way whatsoever do I mean to sound callous about pregnancy (despite more than likely having done so).

  2. Shawna Hamilton says:

    Had a tubal reversal and just got to the point of being ready to conceive. I would be lost without this app.! I had no idea before when my fertile days were or when ovulation is! Thank you!! :-)

  3. mrs.white says:

    I love this app it really works got pregnant 3 months of using. nov./11 miscarried at 7weeks now trying again using this app hope it works again husband and I want a family together wish me luck!!! &baby dust

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