Droid3 & SD-Card

There seems a problem with the Droid 3 Device and importing/exporting sd-card data from older devices.

Droid3 does use a different file management than the official android specifications. As I do not have a Droid3 I just can guess you  copy the backup file, usually found on the external sd-card at the root folder, named “YourUserName.myd” to the internal sdcard. Any User Experience is welcome.

Update: 21. July

start>— Lori D wrote —

Yes no problem, I am happy to assist.
On D3 there is an icon/ app called FILES. (There are three options there internal phone storage, sd card and shared folders.)
Steps I took

SD Card
Located bkup file and LONG PRESSED
Chose options COPY
Clicked back
Paste here

Hope that help you and others as well


p.s. be aware that many of us android developers already complained to motorola and hope they will fix that issue in a future firmware release.

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